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On May 14th, Harvest Financial Group successfully held its 2022 annual conference in Monterey Park, California. Nearly two hundred talented individuals from across the United States and the New York branch of Harvest Financial gathered together to attend specialized lectures by financial insurance experts. During the event, various annual awards were presented, and attendees shared their entrepreneurial journeys as part of the Harvest Financial family.

Harvest Financial Group, after nearly 20 years of development, has gradually become a leader in the financial industry.

We have helped countless families achieve financial freedom and strive towards their goals, while providing free financial literacy education to the community. We adhere to the principle of integrating finance into everyday life, making wealth management the most effortless experience in life.

During the pandemic, Harvest Financial Group rose against the tide.

Each financial expert delved into communities and households to promote financial insurance knowledge. During the most challenging times of the pandemic, we provided financial protection and wealth appreciation to the public. Huizhong Financial Group seized the opportunity and will continue to drive significant demand in the financial insurance industry in the post-pandemic era. Our entrepreneurial platform has created one-on-one and one-on-many training systems, successfully training a large number of financial and wealth management experts to meet the growing demand in the post-pandemic period.

Harvest Financial Group gathers the best talents and strengths from all walks of life

welcoming the arrival of a new era in finance. In this new era, Huizhong Financial will make new achievements! We are committed to cultivating more professional financial talents for society and making the greatest contribution to the development needs of our time. Huizhong Financial, winning through service, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach; Huizhong Financial, trusted for our strength, stability, and commitment. This report is covered by a reporter from a major TV station in Monterey Park.

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Harvest Financial Group is committed to make complicated financial concepts easy understanding, make wealth management a more relaxed experience of customers’ life, and lead customers to explore wealth life.