Leading the Financial
Innovation Wave

On April 27th, Harvest Financial’s Seattle branch celebrated its grand opening at The Marketplace at Factoria, marking a significant milestone in the vision of “leading the financial innovation wave and shaping industry leadership.” Situated in the bustling commercial shopping center, this branch becomes the first to position life insurance agencies within a shopping center, symbolizing a fresh emblem of the era of personal finance. The Harvest Financial Group’s Seattle branch is the fifth office nationwide, continuing its commitment to providing financial services to Chinese communities across the United States. The preceding four offices are located in Los Angeles, Irvine, Flushing, and Brooklyn, New York.

The Marketplace at Factoria, strategically located in the affluent city of Bellevue, Washington, boasts a prime geographical position near the I-90 and I-405 interstates, ensuring convenient access for clients of Harvest Financial’s Seattle branch. Beyond being an ideal location for Harvest Financial’s Seattle branch, it is also home to Washington state’s first Amazon Fresh store, alongside a plethora of renowned brands such as Target, Nordstrom Rack, and TJ Maxx. Additionally, it offers a diverse array of dining options and entertainment facilities, including 15 eateries such as Red Robin, Novilho’s Brazil Steakhouse, Dim Sum Factory, Panera, and Jamba Juice. Entertainment venues feature attractions like mini-golf, amusement parks, and seasonal center events, catering to families seeking perfect leisure and entertainment options.

As part of its commitment to the ethos of “working together for brilliance,” Harvest Financial ensures this philosophy permeates throughout its operations nationwide. As an integral part of the group, the Seattle branch will continue to collaborate with other offices, striving together to deliver superior financial services to Chinese communities. This collaboration manifests not only in business through resource sharing and mutual support but also fosters cultural exchange and shared experiences among teams.

Jack Chen, the leader of Harvest’s Seattle office, is a visionary and determined business leader. He adheres to the motto “To get rich you must get crazy first,” daring to take risks and challenge the status quo, leading his team to continuous breakthroughs. Under his guidance, the Harvest Seattle office exudes vitality, becoming a beacon in the industry. Jack Chen never shies away from challenges and always maintains a desire for success. Since immersing himself in the insurance industry with a positive attitude, he has swiftly demonstrated extraordinary leadership abilities. Not only does he courageously change his own image to demonstrate his dedication to work, but he also continuously enhances his sales skills and insurance knowledge through ongoing learning and training. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and every opportunity has earned him outstanding performance and reputation.

As a true leader, Jack Chen not only aims for personal breakthroughs in performance but also emphasizes team cohesion and growth. His leadership style inspires the team, motivating each member to pursue goals courageously and strive to achieve their dreams. Under his guidance, the team works together diligently, creating one success story after another.

In 2024, with the opening of the new branch, Jack Chen will lead the Harvest Seattle office into a new phase of development. His perseverance and spirit of continuous innovation will undoubtedly bring a brighter future for the company.

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