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Ellen Gao CEO & President Harvest Financial Group

In the spring of 2024, Harvest Financial Group hosted a grand and significant annual event in Las Vegas, USA. This was not just an industry gathering but also a compass for future trends in the field of personal finance, symbolizing the determined stride of the financial insurance industry towards higher goals. Over the course of March 26th and 27th, the event attracted more than 200 top insurance professionals and agents from across the United States, as well as senior representatives from several world-leading insurance companies. Together, they explored, shared, and exchanged insights on the new opportunities and challenges in the era of Financial 3.0.

Highlights and In-depth Discussions

The event, characterized by meticulous design and rich content, provided a comprehensive showcase of Harvest Financial Group’s industry vision and innovation capabilities. It served as a platform for profound exchanges among participants, allowing industry leaders, thinkers, and innovators to collide and ignite sparks of ideas. With over 20 renowned speakers and industry leaders in the financial insurance field, the event featured exceptional speeches and roundtable discussions on themes such as the “Financial 3.0 Revolution” and “Future Trends in the Industry.” These discussions not only unveiled the industry’s underlying dynamics and guided participants towards future directions but also unveiled a new panorama for wealth management in the future. Furthermore, they offered forward-thinking insights into innovation and transformation in the realm of personal finance.

More than 20 renowned speakers and industry leaders in the financial insurance field delivered exceptional speeches and engaged in outstanding roundtable discussions centered around themes such as the “Financial 3.0 Revolution” and “Future Trends in the Industry.”

Facilitating Industry Interaction

In addition to knowledge sharing, this event placed special emphasis on fostering collaboration within the industry. Sessions like “Top Minds Collision” and “Direct Dialogue with Executives” provided attendees with opportunities to engage directly with senior executives from renowned insurance companies, uncovering the strategies and mindsets behind their success. Through an open and interactive platform, participants were able to exchange ideas face-to-face, share successful experiences and strategies, and explore potential future collaborations. This depth of communication and interaction brought valuable networking resources and partnership opportunities, strengthening connections and understanding within the industry and laying a solid foundation for future expansion.

” The Top of the World ” Luxury Dinner Experience

A major highlight of the event was the lavish dinner held at the iconic “Summit of the World” in Las Vegas. This wasn’t just a culinary experience but also a feast for the senses and sightseeing. Invited guests not only savored top-notch cuisine but also marveled at the magnificent night view of Las Vegas. This unique experience deepened the communication and friendships among attendees, creating a conducive atmosphere for efficient business cooperation. The success of the dinner not only demonstrated Harvest Financial Group’s meticulous attention to every detail and relentless pursuit of excellence but also showcased its unique insights and leadership within the industry.

Harvest Financial Education Foundation

During its annual event, Harvest Financial Group highlighted the launch and vision of its subsidiary, the Harvest Financial Education Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to promoting financial literacy, providing comprehensive financial management knowledge, and enabling lifelong financial planning from childhood to old age, ensuring every family can make sound financial decisions and be prepared for the future. Through collaborations with insurance companies, financial institutions, and community organizations, the foundation has expanded its influence, particularly focusing on families in need of support who haven’t yet purchased insurance. During the event, Harvest Financial Group presented the foundation’s first check, providing support to the first family in need. This action not only demonstrated the group’s commitment to social responsibility but also reflected a profound understanding of social value and practical action, earning widespread praise from attendees.

Vision and Contribution of Harvest Financial Group

This grand event served not only as a stage for Harvest Financial Group to showcase its industry influence but also as a platform for sharing its vision and attracting like-minded individuals. Through collaborations with the world’s top insurance and financial companies, Harvest continuously enhances service quality, demonstrating its professional capabilities and leadership in the financial services sector. Since its inception, Harvest has been committed to becoming the most outstanding one-stop financial planning service platform and the most influential financial entrepreneurship platform. With a customer-centric service philosophy, the company provides tailor-made comprehensive financial planning solutions to clients through its rich team management experience, market development expertise, and newcomer training experience. Harvest’s vision is to promote financial independence and freedom for every family by providing comprehensive financial services, thereby fostering harmony, stability, and happiness within families, society, and the nation.

Looking to the Future

During this event, Harvest Financial Group showcased its strong capabilities as an industry leader and its ambitious vision for the future. With the continuous advancement of technology and the ever-changing market, Harvest clearly stated its commitment to innovation and development, continuously exploring new service models to meet the demands of the future financial market. Harvest’s future plans extend beyond maintaining its leading position in the financial services industry; it also aims to drive innovation and progress across the entire industry, working together with industry partners and clients to usher in a new chapter for the finance and insurance industry.

Embracing Future Demands, Embracing Financial Innovation.
Shaping Industry Leadership, Leading the Financial New Wave.

Through this event, Harvest not only demonstrated its determination and ability to lead in the era of financial innovation but also conveyed its grand vision for the future to the outside world. The company’s mission statement “Embracing Future Demands, Embracing Financial Innovation, Shaping Industry Leadership, Leading the Financial New Wave” was emphasized once again, highlighting Harvest’s role and responsibility as a leader in the era of financial innovation, the pioneer of the personal finance era, and the initiator of the Financial 3.0 era.

In the future, Harvest Financial Group will continue to drive innovation and development in the financial services industry, providing customers with more professional and comprehensive financial planning services, helping everyone achieve financial freedom and life dreams.

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