2023 Harvest Convention - NY

Harvest Financial Group
Forging the Myth of Personal Finance

Adhering to the concept of “Life Leads Finance, Finance Serves Life”
Continuously deepening the equation of Finance + Life = Wealth

Ellen Gao CEO & President Harvest Financial Group

Harvest Financial Group Invites You to Co-create a New Era in Finance

Under the leadership of the outstanding CEO, Ellen Gao, Harvest Financial Group has achieved tremendous success in the financial industry through nearly 20 years of relentless effort and dedication. Not only have we earned the recognition of our clients and established a good reputation, but we have also nurtured and inspired a group of industry elites. As the most influential, powerful, youngest, and most vibrant management team, we have become the leading enterprise in the industry’s development. However, the development of Harvest Financial Group is by no means limited to this.

On May 20th, in New York, USA, the CEO and core management team of Harvest Financial Group, consisting of nearly 300 people, officially announced: We will lead the financial industry in the United States to open a new era of finance — the era of personal finance in the United States.

Our mission is to cultivate personal finance elites for society and help every family achieve financial freedom.
We are committed to turning financial management into an easy experience in life.
We sincerely welcome professionals from all walks of life and industries to join Harvest, and work with us to create a new era in finance and create legendary stories that open and lead personal finance.

Nurturing Elites, Pioneering the Future
Harvest Financial Group Drives the Revolution in Personal Finance

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